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Social Responsability

Excellence in customer service and responsible communication.


Corporate social responsibility is an issue of organizational culture of Flexographic. By 2006, through an external consulting a self-assessment was made of the main themes namely: work environment, responsible marketing, Professional Ethics, Community Development and Environment; which traced our way, our direction and existing practices within the company are identified and plans and goals to follow are determined. First strengthen efficient practices that had been done and second creating projects that focus on the weaknesses identified us to further enhance our management.


It develops and implements organizational culture based on leadership, teamwork and motivation; code of ethics as the experience of our values; there is a transparency policy and society and legality within the legal framework of the country is strengthened.


We have a number of highly qualified suppliers, excellence in customer service increases and policies responsible marketing and communication at all levels are determined.


An openness to dialogue and participation, respect, commitment to staff development is given and an essential part of health care and safety through programs that seek a better quality of life of our employees; showing a significant advance in the periodic measurements of the work environment.


Being one of the axes of greater impact, they have taken very significant steps to improve internal working environment, building a space entirely new work, with all modern requirements for the development of healthy practices in areas such as lighting, ventilation and physical space. In turn sustainable projects have been implemented with suppliers and customers go hand in hand with the development and implementation of environmental management system, which covers 100% of the tasks and processes of the company.


To put ourselves in a new geographical area from 2009, we set out to raise the number of employees to cope with new projects, so determined as politics, hire staff, from the area to encourage community development and initiate a process to offer training to become skilled operators, giving stability to their family. We also have collaborative projects with children is involved the entire population of collaborators and friends of our company.

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