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Guidelines for the development of arts

Please read the following instructions very well

1- Programs to Use:

Adobe Photoshop CS6

Adobe ilustrador CS6

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint

Los archivos enviados en Word, Powerpoint u otro que no sean los anteriores se cobrarán las horas de arte necesarias.

2- Instructions for sending arts:

• Send your digital files to your selling charge
Send files as follows: an illustrator with the texts in their original form and the second illustrator with texts converted to curves or attach a folder with the fonts used.
• If your art contains links please send them in a separate folder.

Recommendations for design is reproduced on the highest quality and accuracy:

1. Lines and Strokes

• The recommended dark lines thickness is 0.5 pt and white lines or emptied 0,75 pt.

2. Typefaces

• The minimum recommended size is 4 pts for obscure texts overprinting on a background for white text or emptied should not be less than 5 pts.
• Avoid fine serifs.
• If fonts emptied fall on a photograph in full color, preferably apply a border around a plain color or pantone.

3. Halftones and Gradients

• Halftones and gradients can only be printed in the range of 1% to 100%, as lower percentages.

5. Trapping(This is accomplished by spreading or enlarge the lighter of the two adjacent colors on the dominant color.)

• Trapping a minimum period (0.75mm) it is required to correct mismatches normal printing machine.

Although this process our art department develops is important that the client is aware.

6. Photos

• Photographs must come strictly in RGB and preferably have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, since the quality of them the required process also necessary send them in layers.

7. Colors

• Try to use colors as PANTONE® primer, thus ensuring that the print run will be uniform from start to finish.
• If your design includes photographs, note that you can use up to 6 colors in which it has to tell the photograph itself,includes 4 color (CMYK) plus two pantones if you want to use or if your design requires, especially important logos on the product.
• If the material to be printed is transparent or metalized must have the color white like a pantone.

8. Troqueles:

• If your label requires some special way consult the retailer different forms of troqueles that can help you better show the final product. The troqueles can not have straight points, always should have 0.125 "diameter.

9. Barcodes:

Bars and background barcode must be printed in a single color ink.
Preferably dark green, blue or black shades. In the image readable and not readable bar code combinations. The optimal size of a bar code is 3cm x 2cm.

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