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Flexográfica de Exportación as a leader in the region offers a range of solutions to their customers, putting to its reach the ultimate in, Pre Press and art work, printing technology, finishing, inspection and inks. At the same time it offers the most capable and committed team, working hand in hand with our Quality Management Systems and a high commitment to the environment offering materials and solutions of renewable sources, compost and recyclable products.

We offer innovative solutions based on flexibility and superb service with the sole objective of satisfying the needs of our customers and the community where we operate. We have presence in the following markets in Central America and the Caribbean:

bebidas Drinks

Our clients are benefiting with a wide range of products for all their needs, whether they have manual labeling processes or companies that have state-of-the-art technology with speeds that exceed the 60,000 bottles per hour.

promocionales Promotional

We can manufacture to your specifications promotions labels for variable alpha numeric data and databases, combining a variety of materials, dies and various finishes according to your needs.

seguridad Security

We offer unique and tailored solutions with various security levels as required by your application (Void, security fibers, holograms, watermarks, reactive inks, thermochromic and iridicentes, among others).

farmaceuticos Pharmaceuticals

We offer adhesive solutions, without adhesive and shrinkable Termo, while we provide high security to ensure the legitimacy of your products or the inviolability of them through Void materials, security inks among others.

cuidadopersonal Personal Care and Home

We put at your disposal specific materials and finishes for use in packaging plastics, aluminum collapsible, small diameter that are going to be exposed to high humidity.

hogar Medical Devices

We have at your disposal a range of solutions in labels of a wide variety of materials to solve any need in the industry of Medical Devices, with a service and a quality assurance programs that meets our customer needs.

Comercio y Logística Trade and Logistics

We have at your disposal a range of solutions in labels, thermal transference tapes and printers to solve any need in the area of logistics, codification and trade.

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