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Historical Review

We continue to grow and expand our product range

Flexográfica de Exportación S.A. is a family company founded in 1994 in response to the market need to have a label supplier offering high quality products, reliability, flexibility and innovation.

As a solution to this need we are a company that over the years has innovated and diversified its operations to be filling the different needs of our customers, growing from 3 people in 1994 to 83 employees today.

Initially we had a modest printing equipment for up to 4 colors and where only self-adhesive paper produced. From there we have not stopped to innovate and grow, adding new equipment and possibilities, both technical and human level.

First we expand our range of colors 5-color machines, and is also a pioneer in the area of Pre-Press to include color separation equipment.

Then add capacity without adhesive labels on several materials such as paper and polypropylenes and expand the range of colors to 7, innovating with the latest equipment.
We continue to grow and expand the range of products to card stock and folding cartons, teams of 8 colors with the latest servo technology and automatic registration to ensure the highest flexibility and quality to our customers, and adding products such as shrink sleeves and cups poly paper.

Along with the growth level of production the company has always been concerned about managing talent of its human resources so that our response to the challenges we face is to live up to the expectations of our business partners. In particular we have put a lot of effort and energy into each and every one of our lives collaborators organizational culture we have built together over the years, based on values and principles unshakeable of: Honesty and Integrity, Customer Service, Social Responsibility , Teamwork, Performance and Commitment.

As part of the experience of these values, we have spared no efforts in environmental issues, with an extensive program of re-use, recycling and co-processing that guarantees the proper disposal of all our waste and by-products, minimizing our environmental footprint.

We are a company true to its principles, which has a clear mission and vision of business and has its bases solidly grounded in a consistent and commensurate with the challenges of the XXI Century Organizational Culture.

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